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Leader's March Speech

SCC Leader David Hodge makes his March speech to today's Full Council meeting. Full text here.

Leader's 2016 Budget Speech

SCC Leader David Hodge makes his 2016 Budget speech to today's Full Council meeting. Full text here.

Conservatives Successfully Amend LD Motion

At today’s meeting of Surrey County Council, Deputy Leader Peter Martin responded to the Lib Dem motion regarding the Superfast Surrey Broadband Programme. The amended motion was duly carried (notably supported by the Residents Association and Green Councillor). The amendment appears in italics below.

Leader David Hodge outlines huge school place pressures facing SCC

At today’s meeting of the County Council, Conservative Leader David Hodge told the Chamber about the rising demand for school places in Surrey and the huge pressure SCC faces in meeting this demand, year on year and also called on the Government to help with the funding shortfall it faces in delivering these statutory school places.

New School Places Announced

The equivalent of around nine brand new two-form entry primary schools will be built in Surrey as SCC announces it is investing nearly £330 million to embark on the biggest school expansion programme Surrey’s ever seen.

SCC Leader David Hodge Announces New Cabinet

In his statement at today's meeting of the Full Council (Tuesday 6th May), SCC Leader David Hodge announced his new Cabinet for the coming year. Click above for an excerpt of the statement.