Lib Dems say ‘no’, again

At today’s meeting of the County Council, Surrey’s Lib Dems unanimously voted against an increase in council tax, equivalent to just 44 pence a week, which will provide funding for roads, schools and care services, at a time when Surrey’s residents need them most.

Bob Neill MP visits County Hall

Bob Neill MP, the Conservative Party Vice-Chairman (Local Government) today visited County Hall to address the Conservative Group

Lib Dem Leader’s Expenses Hypocrisy

Despite her recent criticism of Surrey County Council’s Conservative Administration, it has emerged that Lib Dem Group Leader Hazel Watson has herself made several tax-payer funded trips across the country.

Lib Dems’ Call for 20mph Zones across County Fails

In a motion tabled at today’s (11th December 2012) meeting of the County Council, the Lib Dem Group called for a change to a Council-wide policy which would make it easier to implement 20mph zones across Surrey’s already heavily-congested roads, despite the potential for considerably greater traffic issues this would create, and the impact it would have on Surrey residents and businesses. They also called for ‘terminal and repeater signs’ to help aid enforcement, going completely against a general move away from ‘street furniture’ such as street signs, speed warnings and advertising hoardings which clutter up our pavements.

Children’s Minister Commends Surrey’s Approach

On Monday 11th June, Surrey County Council was proud to receive a visit from Cabinet Minister for Children, Tim Loughton, who joined us to launch Surrey’s new and innovative saving scheme for our Looked after Children.