Help shape Surrey's Greener Future

There is a new website dedicated to asking residents for feedback on key environmental areas such as transport, waste, housing, consumer habits, and how we can build resilience to climate change. These are the main areas where residents can act to influence our future greenhouse gas emissions.

The website asks questions about each sector, including what changes residents would like their council to support and how they will make a difference themselves. The website displays all comments so residents can see the changes other people are making and hopefully be inspired to follow suit. 

Natalie Bramhall, Cabinet Member for the Environment and Climate Change, said, “We’re really keen to hear from residents as we know climate change is an important topic for many people. This new website will allow residents to suggest ideas and solutions to some of our most pressing climate issues and will allow us to understand what people’s priorities are. I would urge residents to visit the site and share their views with us.”

The new website can be found here, while information on Surrey's climate change strategy can be found here